My boyfriend Obby. We met at AWA 2009.

Happy Goth and I met when I worked at the comic shop 2005? She taught me to knit and we go clubbing together. Once a year we go on a girls road trip full of slurpies to the sheep and wool festival.

Sarah lives in Seattle. She was with me when I visited the Utilikilt headquarters and the year after I played with her a week before her daughter was born.

Gina Biggs draws Red String. We draw together and carpool to conventions.

Jason moved in 2009. His cats are Roast Beef and Molly.

Jinx moved in 2010. She gardens and is just as outspoken and stompy as I am.

Otter does A Girl and her FEd. We do a few conventions together and sometimes get locked out on third story balconies.

Ursula Vernon has taken me cavorting around abandoned malls and to strip clubs and toy stores. She’s such an amazing influence on my work and sanity.

Jason does In His Likeness. We’ve done a few conventions together. I have fun drawing his shoulder angel and devil in Hawaiian t-shirts.

Mell and James do Two Lumps and put me up when I’m in Texas.

Mom. Yep, my mommy wears pearls while demolishing walls to renovate her loft.

Becca is a friend who sometimes does photography at conventions. She has also been known to dress as a fairy or an ork at ren fests.

I walked onto an elevator at Dragon con and came face to boob with a 6’3″ leather clad demon woman complete with horns and red leather wings. As the door closed behind me she looked down and squealed “you do the devil’s panties!”

Dragon Con Goddess’s Husband makes kilts and lifts weights. They just moved to a farm to raise alpaca (2010) and she knits.

In the words of Laurell K Hamilton “those two make strait people question their sexuality”.

I’ve been able to hang out with Laurell and her husband at some conventions and we’ve gone on shopping adventures together.

My baby sister’s boyfriend (2009) who took us golfing and who’s idea it was to put blood packets in the snow men that we shot up with shot guns

Will was my boyfriend. (2002-2009) Pixel is his cat, not mine. If she was mine then I’d spank her more. He named her after a cat from a book who could walk through walls.

DJ is my role model. She kicks major ass. And of all the people here, she is the only lesbian, I swear. . . honest. . . as far as I know.

I met Aili in first grade. I asked to borrow her blue green crayon. She let me read her comic books and got me into drawing.

Stephany was my roommate October 2003-April 2004 she makes a kick ass lasagna.

These are my sisters. Skyler’s a poet who makes very disturbing puppets. Summer’s JAILBAIT!!!

I have two older brothers. Imagine the tv show “jackass” but without the funding.

I have a niece and nephew. Yes, the Breeden clan has started reproducing. Scary, huh? Niece was born when I went into college 1998, and nephew was born when I graduated 2001.

Tammy and Joe are Will’s sister and brother in law. We do thanksgiving with them and Tammy takes the girls out on black friday. Tammy has now spawned so that I don’t have to.

JC. you know, the long haired hippy.

Is it me, or does that man just have a bit too much fashion sense?

The angel is a worse influence on me than the devil girl could ever be.

The Pirate

Blue Beard

Yes, there’s more of them. The world may not survive… but dose it really WANT to??

Betty’s one of the lesser known pirates but she probably causes more damage and mischief than either of her male counterparts.

The Broad is an ex-girlfriend of Karl’s. (Karl has kick ass ex-girlfriends) and she is all that is powerful and scary about a woman. She is that which is Broad.

My Fairy Godmother. She got my comic book published, partied at a club, and got me a…um….”toy” all in the same night. She is my fairy godmother.
Christi does In the Puddle. She’s bouncy and giggly and has big boots. Fear her!

There’s actually another roommate in the house. (2003-2008) this is just what he dose all day.

My buddy Karl. I’ve known him since first year of college and the guy just doesn’t get enough DP time.

Lessa’s my roommate (1998-1999. 2000-2001.). Her babies are Dash, her cat, and Bixby, her chameleon.

This is Tracey (room mate for 2001-2002). The mellow pimp daddy is Bailey and the kitty on crack is Sammy. Ever play Fluffy Tail with a cat? It’s fun.

This is Chris, he’s my room mate (2001-2002). He’s constantly surrounded by giggling women and we can’t figure out if that’s a good thing or not.